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Mini Digger Hire - U17

Our Kubota U17 mini excavators / mini diggers can be hired on a daily basis. The Kubota U17 mini digger gives you the versatility and performance to take on almost any excavation task.

Mini Digger Key Features

Weight with cabin: 1650kg
Digging Depth: 2460mm
Minimum width: 990mm
Engine Output: 16ps

Kubota Engine

Kubota’s unique E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) enables high-energy output, low vibration and low fuel consumption, while minimising exhaust emissions.

Outstanding Travel Performance

Kubota’s U17-3α delivers powerful performance and the use of new short-pitched rubber crawlers helps minimise vibration during travel for improved operator comfort.

Working Range

Kubota has designed the U17-3α to provide excellent digging depth and reach. The extended dozer length optimises the distance between the dozer and the bucket, making it fast and efficient to collect soil close to the machine. With its wide working range, the zero-tail swing U17-3α can complete a variety of jobs productively.

Digital Panel

Informative, interactive and functional. Kubota’s Intelligent Control System keeps you in tune of the U17-3α’s vital signs. It accurately displays easy-to-understand diagnostics of current working conditions and warning indicators for engine rpm and hour meter, as well as for fuel, temperature and oil levels. When filling up with fuel, our panel also informs the operator that the tank is nearly full, and alerts the operator to when routine maintenance is due. Overall, the panel reduces excavator repair time for a decrease in total operating costs.

Boom Cylinder

The boom cylinder is situated above the boom for maximum protection, especially during breaker or dumping operation. Movement speeds of front attachments and lifting power have been well adjusted, thanks to the boom cylinder’s large diameter rod and optimal hydraulic pressure.

Zero-tail Swing

Kubota’s zero-tail swing makes the U17-3α an advanced mini excavator. The 360° swivel, excellent stability and smooth control, combined with unmatched power and efficiency, mean there are no limits to what you can accomplish — even in heavy traffic areas and inside buildings.

Protected Front & Auxiliary Hoses

Front cylinder hoses are routed through the boom for increased protection, extended service life and greater operator visibility. Also, the auxiliary hoses extend only to the top of the arm to protect them from potential damage during narrow-width bucket use.

2-Piece Hose Design

The two-piece hose configuration on both dozer and boom cylinders reduce hose replacement time.

Protected Motor Hoses

Kubota has enclosed the travel motor hoses within the track frame for  added protection - a unique feature for mini excavators of this class.

Adjustable Track Gauge

For an increase in stability, the U17-3α’s tracks can be expanded to a maximum 1,240 mm. When retracted to 990 mm, you can pass through narrow doorways and tight work areas. And on both ends of the dozer, dozer blade extensions are standard.

Standard Mini Digger Equipment

Engine/Fuel System

  • Double-element air cleaner
  • Electric fuel pump


  • 230 mm rubber track
  • 2-speed travel switch on dozer lever
  • Variable track
  • 3 outer flange-type track rollers on each track

Hydraulic System

  • Pressure accumulator
  • Hydraulic pressure checking ports
  • Straight travel circuit
  • Third-line hydraulic return
  • Variable displacement pump

Safety System

  • Engine Start Safety System on left console
  • Travel Lock System on left console
  • Swivel Lock System
  • Anti-theft system

Working Equipment

  • 950 mm arm
  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit piping to arm’s end
  • Working light on boom

Canopy and Operating Area

  • ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure, ISO 3471)
  • FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) Level 1
  • Weight-adjustable, semi-suspension seat
  • Seatbelt
  • 12V power source
  • Hydraulic pilot control levers with wrist rests
  • Switch and harness for beacon light
  • Digital Panel
Operated Hire Available: Yes
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