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At Digging It Groundworks we are very conscious of the impact we all have on the environment and that the less waste deposited in landfill the better. Fortunately, in our evermore environmentally conscious world, recycled materials are increasingly valued.

As part of our demolition and muck away services, we gather and remove inert waste and clean concrete from domestic, commercial and industrial premises. In turn, we recycle as much of this waste as possible so it can be supplied as to the building trade as recycled aggregates.

Recycling begins with materials being crushed to smaller pieces, screened to remove dusts and soils, and washed to remove impurities. Recycled aggregates are just as durable and functional as freshly quarried materials. They make effective bases, fillers, and drainage.

Through screening and processing we produce topsoil, 10mm bedding, Type 1 crushed concrete, recycled sand, permeable stone and 6F5 crushed concrete. We can deliver these recycled aggregates either loose or in one tonne bags throughout Salisbury, Andover, Winchester and surrounding areas.

Type 1 Crush




Top Soil

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