Groundworks & Plant Hire Specialists


Digging It Groundworks has extensive experience providing a complete range of appropriate services as professional contractors to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Before construction commences, we will prepare the area thoroughly, constantly working to ensure the entire building process runs smoothly for every tradesperson on site. We’ll still be on the job when all other works are finalised, completing access roads, driveways and pavements.

Based in Andover, our groundworks services cater to clients in Winchester, Salisbury, and local and surrounding areas. All the equipment you need will be delivered to your selected address for plant hire, grab hire, concrete crusher hire, and screener hire. We can provide qualified and experienced staff to operate the machinery as needed.

Digging It Groundworks also provides exceptional civil engineering services and strives to constantly deliver high-quality and professional groundworks and plant hire facilities to the construction industry, along with commercial and domestic clients in Winchester, Salisbury and Andover. Our concrete crusher and screener hire is available to clients further afield, and we will consider long-distance contracts.

Groundwork Services

When you work with Digging It Groundworks our dedicated staff will be on hand to conduct all necessary groundworks tasks. Preparing the ground and below ground to enable the start of a construction project is the first set of activities that lead to the foundations being laid. We offer the following services:
Our teams will prepare the ground to ensure each domestic, commercial or industrial property has a watertight space below ground level. The concrete and beam system is ideal for all-round installation and reliable in all weathers.
This is the most common system of flooring in domestic construction. Using the external walls to support the floor, along with prestressed T-beams and precast blocks, the concrete block and beam system is ideal for noise reduction and fire safety.
By using our plant-hire machinery to move soil and rock, we’ll guarantee a level surface ready for the building process to begin. Once the topsoil is stripped, we ready it for reuse or removal. We advise recycling as much as possible to avoid the costs of waste collection and material delivery. We can combine our bulk excavations service with our grab hire, concrete crusher hire, and screener hire facilities for clients in Winchester, Salisbury, Andover and the surrounding areas, ensuring prompt and continuous service throughout the construction process.
This efficient method of forming the surface of property occurs on-site and is widely used in basement construction. By creating a shutter in which to pour the liquid concrete, our teams at Digging It Groundworks will smooth and prepare the mixture for drying.
At the foundation stages, we’ll establish the appropriate drainage systems for foul and surface water. The former will be connected to the main’s sewer or an independent, standalone drainage system.
Solid and secure foundations are a necessity to guarantee the safety and longevity of any building. They prevent flooding and fully support the entire load of the structure above them.
Extremely popular in industrial units and modern homes, this process gives a finished appearance to concrete floors without needing further covering. Our power float machines will buff and shine the surface to a professional standard.
For aesthetic purposes or use all year round, we will excavate the area and construct a pool to your specifications. All waste will be removed, and the site will be left ready for you to dive into, or relax by, your new pool.
We’ll complete the construction process by laying tarmac surfaces with the appropriate drainage and camber for access roads, driveways and pavements.